DNC Litigators Are Hunting for Lawsuits

DNC Litigators Are Hunting for Lawsuits

DNC Litigators Are Hunting for Lawsuits

Don’t Get Trapped By DNC Litigators

Don’t Get Trapped by DNC Litigators

Litigator List is one of the most useful tools on the market to help eliminate people from calling list who don’t want to receive unsolicited phone calls. Many of these people have already filed lawsuits under the Do-Not-Call (DNC) or Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) statutes. Despite these suits, many businesses feel they are exempt from these rulings.

Does Litigator Scrub Really Help?

Some businesses don’t trust the product and choose to roll the dice. This is very risky behavior that can lead to trouble for the violators. Also, many businesses are unaware that people on DNC lists will never buy whatever they are selling. The moment the person answers the phone, the law has been broken. Once squeezed, the toothpaste can’t be put back into the tube. For this reason, it’s better to have the scrub tool than not. We have a robust list with over a million numbers.

How are Litigator List Created?

It is a very difficult process to compile a list. There is not one central location of TCPA litigants. We have to search for every individual case in the country associated with cell, landline and VoIP communications. We also exchange lists with other leaders in this field to further expand our list. This is necessary because lawsuits are frequently being filed and documented. The majority of the changes are due to repeat filers. At least 40% of the people on the list have sued before and most likely will sue again. We don’t want these people getting called and suing you.

What if my Company is Trying to Be Compliant?

Most litigants don’t care if your company is already compliant or trying to do the right thing by not calling again. They will file lawsuits anyway. This can be very time consuming and costly because your company will have to defend itself. It usually doesn’t cost the consumer much to file the suit. The people that file these suits have plenty of time, energy and desire. The laws favor the consumer. Most of the time, companies will settle and pay thousands of dollars.

Business to Business Calls Aren’t Subject to Litigation, Right?

This is incorrect. Cell phone laws doesn’t distinguish between business or residential ownership. The same laws apply regardless. Businesses can be just as guilty for calling another business. Auto assisted calls require expressed written consent. Lawyers know that business to business calls are basically 100% auto-dial assisted.

How About Number Fallout?

This is not a concern because less than one percent of valid numbers are removed. A scrub of 13,000 leads will usually lead to approximately 36 people that should not be contacted. So the concern here is that you have a potential 36 lawsuits, not the number fallout.

How do we Know it Works?

The scrub works because we consistently find former litigators on our updates. They frequently file suits and capitalize on companies that do not use a previous litigation scrub. Most are proud to be on these list. Our list will filter former and multiple court filers.

So don’t take a chance and risk getting caught up in endless litigation. Purchase our litigation services today. You can scrub your list against our over 1.2 million known DNC litigators.