About Litigatorlist.com

The Telephone Communication Protection Act (TCPA) in 1991 was designed to protect individuals from getting unwanted phone calls. The Do Not Call Registry was created as a mechanism to determine who was being called as a violation of this law; however, this law and registry is abused almost every day by unscrupulous attorneys and individuals. The TCPA violation economy is now a huge field where billions of dollars of lawsuits happen every year. An average lawsuit can be north of $10,000 and settlements are usually thousands of dollars. Imagine getting sued time and time again by these individuals.

We created the Litigation List as a growing compilation of phone numbers that have a high chance of fishing for lawsuits. We have a database of over 1,000,000 numbers that include both lawyers and individuals who have sued individuals/firms in the past.

The only perfect solution to stop these ridiculous attorneys is to completely stop phone call sales and marketing. This is obviously not a practical solution. Our solution is a great way for you to still continue your tele-marketing while reducing your risk. For $499, we can completely scrub your list and protect you like we have protected hundreds of our clients each year.